Pricing & Services

I offer makeup for all occasions including formals, debs, graduations, race days, photo shoots or your entire bridal party.  False lashes are complimentary with every makeup application.
All makeup applications including bridal makeup and trials are $100.00 per person.
* travel costs may apply


Tips for my Brides

Here are some tips and tricks to help prepare your skin for your wedding day:
Drink lots of water!! This is something that is always mentioned and is very important for your skin. Make sure that leading up to and on your day you keep drinking water!! It helps clear toxins and keeps your skin hydrated;
Have a skin care routine in place. Looking after your skin will ensure that makeup applies nicely on your skin and stays longer. Visit a store like Mecca, Sephora, Myer or any stores that sell beauty products and sit down with someone to figure out what cleansers, serums and moisturisers your skin needs.
If you do decide to get a facial or any face treatment try to get them done a couple of weeks out from the wedding. This is just in case if something disagrees with your skin it will have time to clear up before your day;
If your skin breaks out don’t panic!! I can cover redness. Try not to pick at the area as it is harder to cover scabs and texture.
Gently exfoliate dry lips everyday with a soft toothbrush to remove any loose dry skin. Apply Blistex Lip conditioner daily if you can. This will keep your lips lovely and moisturised and help lipstick stay on longer on your day.

Tips for the day:
Have a schedule done up for your girls hair and makeup. This is extremely important as it will ensure that I have everyone finished by the scheduled time and that no one is waiting around or rushing. Also try to make sure that we are all ready to go when I arrive.
Ensure that everyone getting their makeup done has a clean face (washed and no makeup on). This will also help me run on time.
Also ensure that you wear either a button up shirt or something similar so that you don’t have to pull anything over your head after your makeup and hair are done.
Have a touch up kit with lip products, concealer, makeup sponges and cotton buds. Most of your makeup will stay in place all day. There are things that may need to be touched up to ensure that you look your best. These are normally lips and the area around the bottom of your nose. If you do wipe or rub your face or eyes your makeup may move too. If you need to wipe make sure that you dab instead of swiping as this will not move the makeup as much.
When we do a trial you can try the lipsticks and concealers that I have and you can make a choice on whether you wish to purchase the same ones I use. Otherwise you are welcome to use something from your own makeup collection that can be used for your kit.
I take hygiene very seriously. All brushes, tools and makeup are sanitised between applications. If anyone has a skin condition or contagious skin, eye or lip infection I will need to be informed on the day prior to any makeup application. I take no liability for any skin allergies or issues that occur in regards to this matter.
Have fun!! This is the most important thing. This is your big day so make sure you enjoy every moment of it!
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