The following procedures will now be implemented as part of my business until further notice:-
1. If you are at all feeling sick or have any symptoms of any sort of sickness this includes
flu/cold symptoms, stomach bug symptoms - any kind of sickness whether you think you are
contagious or not please reschedule your appointment. This was always a rule of mine but is
now going to be enforced even further. Please do not come to me sick as this is unfair to
myself and to all of my future clients. I unfortunately will have to turn you away from my
studio if you do arrive sick;-
2. I can only have one person in my studio at one time so no one else will be able to come to
your appointment with you and unfortunately this includes children;-
3. You will be required to provide your full name and contact details as part of a register that I
have to keep;
4. You will be asked to sanitise your hands when you enter the studio;-
5. The studio will be cleaned and sanitised at it always is and always will be. You can be
assured that I have and will be continuing to sanitise products, brushes and surfaces
frequently as I always have done. I will now also be wearing a face mask to appointments;
6. No toilet facilities will be available at this time;
7. I will only be doing in studio appointments. I will not be travelling for appointments at this
These are procedures set in place by myself and by the government. I will have a COVID 19
Checklist that is required by the government to trade in my studio.
Thank you so much for your co operation and understanding :)
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